7 Speed Shimano Gearset

7 Speed Shimano Gears with Trigger Shifter for easy adjustment and riding on any terrain.

Diamond Frame

Diamond Shaped Frame with 650B Wheels and 2.1in tyres for riding comfort.

Battery Charging

Charge in the bicycle or remove to charge indoors.

Rear wheel drive

200/250W Rear Hub Drive Motor with Disc Brake.

Front suspension and lights

Front Suspension for riding comfort. Front and Rear Lights to be easily seen.

Front Disc Brakes

Front and Rear Disc Brakes for improved riding experience.

Journey Electric Bike




Wheel Size650B
 Length 1760mm
 Width 670mm
 Height 1120mm
 Wheelbase 1090mm
 Weight 22kgs(incl battery)


Samsung Lithium Ion
 Charging Capacity 10.4Ah
 Voltage 36v
 Max Number of Charges 800
 Weight of Battery Assembly 2.6kg

Drive Motor

 Max. Speed26kmh
 Max. Distance of Travel 80km
 Rated Output 200W or 250W
 Rated Voltage 36V

Display Options


Top of the range with digital Trip Computer, Speedometer, Odometer, Battery Charge Level, Pedal Activation System

Power Assisted Bicycles (PABS)

200W motor output
The motor is activated by either a ‘twist grip accelerator’ OR by ‘pedal activation’

Electric Powered Activated Cycles (EPACS)

250W motor output - new category
The motor is ONLY activated by ‘pedal activation’ In short you MUST pedal to activate the motor and if you STOP peddling, the motor stops.