Bicycle Conversion Kit Parts

Bicycle Conversion Kit Specs

Hurricane Electric Bike


20in, 24in, 26in, 650B, 29er or 700C wheel size
 Quality Double Walled Alloy Rim
 12mm Axle fits almost ALL forks
 Disc Brake compatible Front Motor and Rear Carrier
 36V 10.4Ah Samsung Cell Rear Rack Mount Lithium Pack
 15Amp Digital Controller
 Slimline Twist grip Accelerator Compatible with all Shift Levers
 Straight Forward Easy to Install

Tricycle Conversion Kit Parts

Tricycle Conversion Kit Specs


20in, 24in, 26in Wheel Size
 Quality Double Walled Alloy Rim
 12mm Axle fits Almost ALL Forks
 Disc Brake Compat Front Motor and Rear Carrier
 36C 10.4Ah Lithium Battery / 15Ah Digital Controller
 15Amp Digital Controller
 Ergonomic Twist Grip Accelerator Assembly
Innovative under Frame Mounting ensures 100% Basket Usage
 Locking brake levers with Safety Cut Out
 Straight Forward Easy to Install

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Simple easy to use LED , Indicator Panel featuring- Power ON/OFF, Battery Charge Level, Pedal Activation System

$1299 - $1399

Featuring downloadable smartphone app IOS and Android – featuring full suite digital Bluetooth operation.

$1399 - $1499

Top of the range with digital Trip Computer, Speedometer, Odometer, Battery Charge Level, Pedal Activation System

$1499 - $1599

Hurricane Conversion Kit


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Standard Bike, Tricycle

Power Assisted Bicycles (PABS)

200W motor output
The motor is activated by either a ‘twist grip accelerator’ OR by ‘pedal activation’

Electric Powered Activated Cycles (EPACS)

250W motor output - new category
The motor is ONLY activated by ‘pedal activation’ In short you MUST pedal to activate the motor and if you STOP peddling, the motor stops.