So you are considering buying an Electric Bicycle – simply remember this GOLDEN RULE: IT’S YOUR MONEY – SPEND IT WISELY!

There are quite a number of importers / distributors / retailers of Electric Bicycles in Australia – few are GOOD– some are OK – many should be avoided… Caveat Emptor – “let the buyer beware”.

Since our company imported the first commercial shipment of 144 Electric Bicycles to Australia in 1998 – we have seen literally 100’s of inferior competitors come and go in attempting to duplicate what we do. Invariably they have failed for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. No understanding of the specific requirements of the Australian conditions.
  2. Inferior, unsuitable product that was originally designed for the Chinese market.
  3. A ‘get rich quick’ mentality where customer satisfaction and customer
  4. service levels were secondary considerations.

You have the choice – you can come to The Electric Bicycle Co and BUY THE BEST – or you can go to a competitor and BUY THE REST.

Before deciding where to buy your Electric Bicycle, consider these 7 simple rules:

  1. Check that the supplier has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of supplying Electric Bicycles over a number of years.
  2. Check that your supplier has a GENUINE PHYSICAL PRESENCE and is not simply a faceless ‘Johnny-come-lately’ or ‘Fly-by-nighter’ with a web site / online selling strategy only.
  3. Check that your supplier does indeed have WORKSHOP / SERVICE FACILITIES to back-up your Electric Bicycle post purchase.
  4. Check that your supplier does have EXPERIENCED AND CAPABLE SERVICE TECHNICIANS who will be able to service your Electric Bicycle post purchase.
  5. Check that the Electric Bicycle will suit your requirements by undertaking a COMPREHENSIVE TEST RIDE.
  6. Check that the supplier holds sufficient STOCK OF SPARE PARTS to service the Electric Bicycle in the future.
  7. Ensure your supplier offers a GENUINE WARRANTY and will stand by that WARRANTY should you have issues POST PURCHASE.

What sets The Electric Bicycle Co apart from our competitors?

  • Simple – the QUALITY of our Electric Bicycles. Ever since our first import shipment 16 years ago we have listened intently to the requests of our customers.We build ALL our models to specific standards to suit the discerning Australian customer.
  • Yes we build them ourselves – not with our own hands – but under licence to 3 leading Electric Bicycle manufacturers in Nanjing, Suzhou and Tianjin in China.
  • We physically visit China on a monthly basis sourcing the LATEST and BEST components to use in the manufacturing process so as to continue to be at the cutting edge of Electric Bicycle technology in the world today.
  • We have company representatives ON-SITE at time of manufacture and thoroughly CHECK each and every bicycle during ASSEMBLY and PRIOR TO PACKING for shipment.

That is the difference – we build them ourselves to our specifications – we simply do not just accept whatever product that some Chinese supplier or trading company might dish up as most of our competitors do.

Take the TEBCO challenge.

If you are considering purchasing an Electric Bicycle – visit any other supplier and ask for directions / phone number so you might contact The Electric Bicycle Co to check our products.

Invariably – their stock answer will be “We do not know of them / We do not know their contact details”.

Visit the Electric Bicycle Co and we will gladly point you to any of our competitors that you wish to visit. We know that if you want to purchase the BEST Electric Bicycles on the market – you will return to purchase from The Electric Bicycle Co.